Ratanak's 5 KM Walkathon!

Hello my flower friends! 

Flora Symbolica is super excited to announce that we will be partnering with an incredible organization, Ratanak International to raise awareness and funds to end sex trafficking in Cambodia. This is a cause that I've been really passionate about since high school, and I'm so proud of all the incredible work that Ratanak has been doing to bring hope to Cambodia.  

When: Saturday, June 13th, 2015 (8 am check-in and 9 am walk begins) 

Where: Erindale Park in Mississauga 

Registration: $20 for adults, $12 for students and $5 for children

All proceeds will go towards ending sexual exploitation in Cambodia!

Here are some details from the organizers themselves: 

"5KM Walkathon is a family-friendly fundraising event which supports the important work of Ratanak International in Cambodia whose lush landscape and friendly faces make it hard to imagine that only 35 years ago, the country was torn apart by genocide.  

5KM Walkathon is organized by a group of passionate Ratanak Toronto volunteers who believe that - though they may be weak and insignificant individually, together with God's leading - they are crazy enough to believe that they can all BRING HOPE and freedom to the vulnerable.  We are dedicated to walking alongside Ratanak International, breaking the cycle of poverty exploitation and abuse in Cambodia." 

You can learn more about Ratanak International's work at www.ratanak.org and check out this trailer for a documentary they just produced to get a snapshot of some of the work they do.  


I'll be donating a voucher for a beautiful custom floral arrangement, which will be one of the prizes that will be given out at this event. So come out and walk to help shine a light in Cambodia! 




"Grace in Your Heart & Flowers in Your Hair"

Hello my Flower Friends! 

I had the opportunity to collaborate with the very talented Ms. Julie Anna Tang. She works in social media and marketing but is also a stellar photography with a keen eye for detail and beauty. I hope you enjoy this mini photo shoot we did for the "Ophelia" floral crown - I was especially excited to get behind the camera myself to shoot Julie's AMAZING blue/lavender/purple hair. Truly with this killer hair and floral crown she looked like a unicorn. Here is the link on the DIY for this project. Julie is available for freelance work including events, weddings etc, check out her instagram here and you can contact her directly at Julieannatang@gmail.com. Hope you enjoy! 

All images are courtesy of Julie Anna Tang. Sharing is caring, please ask for permission and link back to the original source. 



Sarah Kim, Modern Lettering and Wedding Calligraphy

Hi Everyone! 

I am beyond excited to unveil the official logo for the website done by the wonderfully talented Sarah Kim of Sarah Kim Modern Lettering and Wedding Calligraphy! www.srhkm.com 

I've been following Sarah's work via Instagram and always admired her work a la distance. I knew the website needed a logo to tie together the whole aesthetic, so I approached her and she was super responsive and excited about the project! 

The whole process of commissioning her through email was a breeze, she was quick to respond and delivered a beautiful piece of art at the agreed upon deadline, and I couldn't be happier with the results! 

What I love about Sarah's freelance business is how bold she is about sharing scripture and using her medium as an expression of worship to God. This is something that I also would love to do through Flora Symbolica. 

Here are some of my personal favourites by her, and of course they all feature absolutely gorgeous calligraphy/lettering and floral flourishes. All credit of these images go to Sarah Kim and if you click on the image it will link back to her website. 

She is available for commissions and does everything from wedding invitations, to posters, logos etc. You can contact her via this form on her website. And check out her instagram! She posts on the daily, beautiful inspirations and heavenly images. 

Thank you again for the logo Sarah! 

Lots of Love,