Grocery Store Flowers.

The other night when I was flower arranging at home, my mom brought up an old memory she had of me from when I was a kid. Whenever she would take me grocery shopping, I would see the flowers near the front of the cash and wanted to buy some. She always said no because my mom isn't particularly partial to flowers - as they are not very practical and they die after a few days. 

I remember crying after she would tell me that I couldn't have any flowers. I never really cried if I couldn't get an ice cream, or a cookie, or a toy - but I cried over flowers. 

As a kid I was painfully shy, and my favourite place to be was at my uncle's library looking at hardcover books filled with paintings of flowers - Monet, Van Gogh, the Dutch Masters. Looking at the pictures in those books was like discovering a secret garden. It was a place all of my own where there was colour, beauty and light. 

This is the first year of my life where I have a steady 9-5 job post graduation and I have a bit more disposable income than I previously did. At first I debated with myself, should I really be buying flowers? Isn't it too frivolous, wasteful or obsolete? Should I be spending my time doIng other things? But the thing is - none of those reasons matter if this is what makes me happy and if I'm able to make others happy by putting together a bouquet for them. I find the greatest job about this hobby has not been about receiving the flowers themselves but about seeing others find joy in receiving something that has been crafted especially for them.

And now I can buy all the grocery store flowers I would like!




Where It All Began.

As my first official blog post, I suppose the best place to start is the beginning. 

My first exposure to flower arranging was back in the summer of 2013, I was on a year long study abroad exchange in Copenhagen, Denmark. Which I blogged about here.  It was near the end of my stay in this beautiful little country, when a friend of mine had announced she was engaged and she asked if I could help her out with the flowers. 

I knew absolutely nothing about putting together flower arrangements. Zip. Zero. Zilch. 

But this was certainly a worthwhile cause and I was thrilled to be able to help out anyway I could. So the day before her wedding, I went to the venue and saw buckets of white hydrangeas, blush pink peonies, billy's buttons and sunflowers. My friend greeted me when when I arrived, showed me to my station and just said "go nuts". 

After watching a short demo on how to put together a bouquet and centerpiece, I got cracking and never looked back. I've got to tell you, it's definitely not glamorous - it's long, labour intensive and tiring...but I loved every minute of it. 

Here are some pictures of the final product. And also FYI, this was a super budget wedding that cost around $5000 for around 40 guests - but it was truly one of the most beautiful and inspired weddings I've ever been to. 

The adorable little tin boxes are for charitable donations made by the Danish Salvation Army.
This was a several hours since I made the bouquet, so the edges were a bit wilted :( Hydrangeas are thirsty suckers.

This was a several hours since I made the bouquet, so the edges were a bit wilted :( Hydrangeas are thirsty suckers.

So there you go.  My first improv-ed, impromptu, whirlwind foray into floral design. The moral of this story is that if I can learn to put together flowers for an entire wedding, than it's totally possible for you too! I still have TONS left to learn and floral trends are changing every season, but this is what this website is all about  - experimenting, feel inspired, taking chances and flexing your creative muscles. 

See you at the next post!